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New: Formula White - an innovative concept that aims to improve the world of ski racing.

26 october 2022

The Formula White Foundation was founded from passion and a great love for skiing, with the aim of creating an environment where top skiers can reach their maximum potential.

Utrecht, October 26, 2022 – As of today, Formula White will be actively committed to the people at the top in Dutch ski sport. They create an environment in which top skiers can develop to the optimum. By entering into partnerships with skiers, sponsors, sports organizations and professionals, they create a future-proof platform for the Dutch top skiers.

Ski sport is much less popular in the Netherlands than in Alpine countries, for example. Ski talent from the Netherlands therefore find it very difficult to reach the world top. They don’t get the same opportunities and facilities as other top skiers in the world. There are still many challenges for the next generation of top skiers, but it is absolutely possible with the right partners. A good example is Maarten Meiners. He is the first Dutch skier in 70 years who, through hard work, participated in the Winter Olympics this year.

That is the goal of Formula White. Together with all parties involved, they will pave the way to victory and try to remove obstacles for top skiers as much as possible. Formula White wants to make an impact on Dutch ski sport with a community where members force each other to achieve top performances.

“By bringing together three top skiers in the Netherlands under Formula White, there will be an opportunity for us to also have the same facilities as peers in the Alpine countries. Hopefully this will fundamentally change Dutch ski sport and the next generation of top players can also benefit from this,” according to Christopher Dijksman.

Formula White: improving the world of ski racing

Formula White is all about connection. Connection between top skiers, sponsors, and other professionals. And they have one clear vision: to create a future-proof ski team that achieves global sporting and social success. In everything they do, they act from one strong foundation of core values: results, pioneering, patience, passion, and connection!

”For me, Formula White is an opportunity to join forces, to be able to take yourself and each other to a higher level through collaboration,” tells Kiara Derks.


Comeback Sports ensures the successful launch of Formula White

Last Monday evening, the launch of Formula White took place. Of course, in addition to the Formula White board, the three ambassadors were also present: Maarten Meiners, Christopher Dijksman and Kiara Derks. The event took place in Utrecht at the Dutch Ski Federation (NSkiV), a partner of Formula White.

The evening started with the unveiling of the Formula White brand. All guests were included in this new and unique concept. Everything was highlighted, from the point of departure, the idea behind the logo, the mission, vision, core values ​​and, of course, the key to it all: full focus on the development of our Dutch ski talent and clearing the slopes for them worldwide!

“It’s fantastic to be able to bring networks together and share experience; to become stronger together, so that ultimately higher goals can be achieved,” says Maarten Meiners